Stay Safe With These Overhead Door Safety Tips

Overhead garage doors are not toys and should be treated with respect and with caution. Thousands of people are injured by these doors every single year and you are at risk if you do not know how to protect yourself. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there are over 5,000 people visiting emergency facilities to treat injuries caused by overhead doors every single year.  Keep yourself and everyone in the home safe with the tips below in mind.

Check Safety Sensor

There are sensors on the overhead door. They’re located on the rails, about six inches from the bottom. The sensors cause the door to open and close and respond when activated. When the sensors are damaged, they may open/close with fault, which can cause injury. Check the sensors regularly to avoid this headache.

Don’t Let the Kids Play With the Door

Or the garage door remote for that matter. Kids love to make a game out of running underneath the door but this is very dangerous and causes many injuries every year. Do not let the kids play with the overhead door st. louis at all!

Keep Fingers Out of the Way

Do not put your hands or fingers in the door and get them smashed! The joints found between the garage door panels can shut on the fingers if they’re in the way as it is closing.  The truth is that more than half the garage door injuries that occur are the result of smashed fingers? Yes, it is just as painful as it sounds so avoid this headache and take all safety precautions!

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Test the Door Force

Test force the door to determine if the settings on the garage door should be adjusted. You may need someone to come in to help you adjust the settings but it is worth the call.